1973~1975  The founder of the company, Jiang Kerang, together with Wang Tingrui who worked in 202 hospital in Shenyang created rigid curved hysteroscope , 
              and this product has been used in national range for more than forty years.
    1978 The hysteroscope won the award of National science conference, and Mr. Jiang was honored as” the important contributor to the scientific and technical work 
              of China”
    1982 The chairman of American Association of Laparoscopes, Jordan Philips, took two special visits here since March 19th, 1982 for the invention of the 
              above hysteroscope.
    1984 Mr. Jiang leads the Liaoning endoscope study group to OLYMPUS,  FUJIFILM, PENTAX, MACHIDA etc. to investigate the endoscopes production technology.
    1985 Mr. Jiang came to Shenyang University to establish endoscope institute.
    1985 Mr. Jiang and Xu Zhengbin worked together to create the first arthroscope, and this invention won the second award of general logistics Department of the 
              Chinese people’s liberation Army
    1986 The Chinese invention patent,” measuring hysteroscope”, is the first one after the patent law of China is put forward;
    1988 Shenda created the first open type laparoscope;
    1989 Lenticular lens processing method and Spain Nobel physics prize nominator Thomas worked together to apply for the Spanish patent;
    1990 XG-5 type hysteroscope won the National New Product Certificate;
    1991 The open type laparoscope won the National New Product Certificate;
    1991 Measuring hysteroscope got the third prize of national invention (the highest medical award of that year);
    1992 First launched the fiber optic cystoscope and attracted great attention of Professor Wu Jieping;
    1992 First launched the self invented stone forceps in China;
    1992 Establish Shenyang university endoscope Co, Ltd;
    1993 First launched the urological resectoscope in China;
    1994 Urology cystoscope got the National New Product Certificate;
    1995 Mr. Jiang was invited by Chen Minzhang, the Health Minister, to recommend Jordan Philips, the chairman of American laparoscopes association and consultant 
              of our health ministry, as the nominator of world Nobel Peace Prize;
    1997 Shenda developed the first laparoscope insufflator;
    1998 Shenda first launched “Disectomy System” and also the same year, “ShenDa” endoscope won the honor of top ten brands of Chinese national brand 
              medical instrument industry;
    1999 Shenda first developed the ureterorenoscope and also launched the operating laryngoscope and the HF Electrotome;
    2000 Shenda first launched the transcutaneous nephroscope;
    2000 Our company passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification;
    2001 Shenda launched the “22w cold light source” and also the same time, we manufactured the “laryngoscope” that has intellectual prosperity rights, in 
              addition, we also launched the Φ3 smaller diameter endoscope
    2001 We became a member of the Chinese high-tech industrialization development unit, and also got the certificate of CE product quality;
    2002 Mr. Jiang put forward the first patent application for the medical endoscope protection system,and started ten year’s research of this work;
    2003 We first successfully developed the first Perfusion Pump and first put forward the section tube endoscope;
    2004 We developed “plasma resectoscope” and “plasma HF generator”, also we put forward the national project of disposable endoscope;
    2005 The transcutaneous nephroscope got the access to the national market. “Disposable endoscope” was awarded as the major project of “national 
              technical enterprises walk out”; “plasma resectoscope” got the support of national science and technology innovation fund;
    2007 “Digestive endoscope disposable sheath” passed the expert review and got the national product registration certificate and production license;
    2008 We moved to the new address of No.123 Hezuo Street, Dadong District. The floor space and covered area increased more than twice and the instruments 
              were refreshed; producing condition was improved;
    2008 “Digestive endoscope disposable sheath” was honored as the “national high-tech industrialization demonstration project” by NDRC, the national new 
              product project by the Ministry of Science and Technology; and the central authorities supported 5 million RMB financially for free;
    2011 NDRCmade the medical endoscope protection system project as the national biomedical engineering high-tech industrialization demonstration project” and 
              awarded the medal.
    2012 “ShenDa Endoscope” was identified as “the famous brand of China” by State Administration of industry and commerce.
    2012 Science and technology agency of Liaoning Province awarded Shenda as the national high-tech enterprise;