• Name:Laparoscope insulated instruments

    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: ShenDa
    Product description
    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 Dissecting forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6503C View
    2 Dissecting forceps ,right angle Ф5mm×330mm D6501C View
    3 Dissecting forceps ,right angle Ф5mm×330mm D6526 View
    4 Dissecting forceps, large Ф10mm×330mm D6527 View
    5 Dissecting forceps, right angle, large Ф10mm×330mm D6528 View
    6 Straight scissores ,single action Ф5mm×330mm D6603 View
    7 Curved scissors,single action Ф5mm×330mm D6602A View
    8 Hook scissors Ф5mm×330mm D6601 View
    9 Scissors, straight, large Ф10mm×330mm D6605 View
    10 Scissors, curved, large Ф10mm×330mm D6606 View
    11 Straight scissores,double action Ф5mm×330mm D6603A View
    12 Curved forceps ,insulated Ф5mm×330mm D6602 View
    13 Upwards scissors Ф5mm×330mm D6604 View
    14 Choleeystic grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6523 View
    15 Fallopian tube grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6524 View
    16 Knot forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6525A View
    17 Knot forceps B type Ф5mm×330mm D6525B View
    18 Grasping forceps, duck mouth Ф5mm×330mm D6529 View
    19 Heavy forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6530 View
    20 Downtooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6531 View
    21 Downtooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6531A View
    22 Fixed grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6532 View
    23 Rat tooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6533 View
    24 Rat tooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6533A View
    25 Rat tooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6534 View
    26 Scatheless grasping forceps, Ф5mm×330mm D6520 View
    27 scatheless grasping forceps, small Ф5mm×330mm D6520A View
    28 Noninvasive grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6535 View
    29 Grasping forceps blunt tip Ф5mm×330mm D6536 View
    30 Grasping forcepes, tine tip Ф5mm×330mm D6537 View
    31 Appendix grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6538 View
    32 Biopsy forceps( small spoon) Ф5mm×330mm D6539 View
    33 Canine biopsy forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6540 View
    34 Cutting forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6541 View
    35 Thram grasping forceps , empty Ф5mm×330mm D6542 View
    36 Thram grasping forceps , empty Ф5mm×330mm D6543 View
    37 Mucous membrane forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6545 View
    38 Hollow horizontal tooth grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6546 View
    39 Hollow erect grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6547 View
    40 Grasping forceps,o type Ф5mm×330mm D6548 View
    41 Grasping forceps, v type Ф5mm×330mm D6549 View
    42 Sector forceps three leaves Ф5mm×330mm D6550 View
    43 Dissecting forceps Φ5mm×330mm DW5016 View
    44 Stomach grasping forceps Φ5mm×330mm DW5001 View
    45 Stomach grasping forceps(curved) Φ5mm×330mm DW5003 View
    46 Stomach grasping forceps,round tip Φ5mm×330mm DW5004 View
    47 Grasping forceps(Double forceps) Φ5mm×330mm DW5005 View
    48 Grasping forceps(Double forceps) Φ5mm×330mm DW5006 View
    49 Intestinal grasping forceps Φ5mm×330mm DW5007 View
    50 Oval forceps(Small) Φ5mm×330mm DW5008 View
    51 Oval forceps(Middle) Φ5mm×330mm DW5009 View
    52 Oval forceps(Large) Φ5mm×330mm DW5010 View
    53 Electric hook Ф5mm×330mm D6404B View
    54 Coagulator Ф5mm×330mm D6403B View
    55 Electric spade Ф5mm×330mm D6402B View
    56 Electric pin Ф5mm×330mm D6408B View
    57 Electric knife Ф5mm×330mm D6407B View
    58 Coagulation suction unit Ф5mm D6410 View
    59 Electric coagulator with valve Φ5mm×330mm DW4401 View
    60 Bipolar grasping forceps Ф5mm×330mm D6521 View
    61 Double-electrode forceps(circular) Φ5mm×330mm DW6501 View
    62 Double-electrode forceps(curved) Φ5mm×330mm DW6502 View
    63 Double-electrode forceps(normal handle) Ф5mm×330mm D6513 View
    64 Dissecting core of double-electrode forceps - D6513-1 View
    65 Atraumatic core of double-electrode forceps - D6512-1 View
    66 Fiber optic light cable Ф5.8mm×2.3m U8725 View
    67 Fiber optic light cable Ф5mm×3m U8725C View