• Name:Sinuscope BD-1

    Model: BD-1
    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: Shenda
    Product description

    1.Adopt high quality stainless steel

    2.Endoscopes can stand of temperature of 134°C/273° F for sterilization

    3.Endoscopes adopt the German optic fiber 4.With direction index

    5.Sapphire lens cover, never abrasion

    6.New optic system,clear field of view

    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 0° Sinuscope 4mm×175mm J0200E View
    2 30° Sinuscope 4mm×175mm J0230E View
    3 70° Sinuscope 4mm×175mm J0270E View
    4 Holder - U8521 View
    5 Trocar cannula 5.2mm ×95mm B4550 View
    6 Trocar 4.6mm×108mm B4551 View
    7 0 ° rigid biopsy forceps - B5002C View
    8 Mucosal scissors,straight Straight B5301 View
    9 Mucosal scissors,left curved Left curved B5302 View
    10 Mucosal scissors,right curved Right curved B5303 View
    11 0 ° biopsy forceps B5042 View
    12 Biopsy forceps,30 ° up curved 30° B5040 View
    13 Biopsy forceps,45 ° up curved 45 ° B5041 View
    14 Grain-shape biopsy forceps - B5043 View
    15 90 °Biopsy forceps,up - B5004A View
    16 Rongeur forceps,backward Bite B5006 View
    17 Rongeur forceps,forward Before the bite B5001 View
    18 Grasping forceps slim serrated Straight B5012 View
    19 0 ° Cutting forceps 0 ° pusher B5045 View
    20 Cutting forceps,30 °up curved 0 ° pusher B5044 View
    21 110 ° Two-cup biopsy forceps Around openings B5010 View
    22 70 ° Two-cup biopsy forceps Around openings B5022 View
    23 45 ° Biopsy forceps With suction tube B5053 View
    24 0 ° biopsy forceps With suction tube B5056 View
    25 Maxillary uncorking forceps Straight incision B5055 View
    26 Obtuse mucosal knife Blunt head bent B5402 View
    27 Acute mucosal knife Sharp head bent B5401 View
    28 Long ball currette With a hole (large) B5915 View
    29 Long ball currette With holes B5914 View
    30 Ball currette Nonporous B5910 View
    31 Double dividing instrument Double B5916 View
    32 Suction tube,curved 2.5mm B4414 View
    33 Suction tube,curved 3mm B4401b View
    34 Suction tube,curved 4mm×155mm B4411 View
    35 Suction tube,curved 3mm×155mm B4403a View
    36 Suction tube,curved 2.5mm×155mm B4402 View
    37 Light cable 4mm × 2m U8724 View
    38 Light cable 4mm×3m U8724C View