• Name:Resectoscope QD-2 (Rotating Locked)

    Specification: Rotating Locked
    Model: QD-2
    Unit: Set
    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: ShenDa
    Product description

    1.Adopted high quality stainless steel material 2.Endoscope adopts German optic glass and fiber
    3.With direction index 4.Sapphire lens cover never abrasion

    5.Endoscope can stand of temperature of 134°C/273°F for sterilization

    6.The high temperature metal ceramic head can stand more than 10000V pressure
    7.Free maintenance valve

    8.When outer sheath main fixed the endoscope and handle can rotate freely

    9.Rotating style make more convenient 10.Cutting tumor has gained patent
    11.Active or passive can be chosen freely  

    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 12 ° Endoscope 4mm×302mm J0312A View
    2 Working element Active / Passive Q6010A/Q6020A View
    3 Cutting loops 4mm×282mm Q6211 View
    4 Ball-style cutting loops 4mm×287mm Q6301 View
    5 Spade-style cutting loops 4mm×282mm Q6302 View
    6 Needle-style cutting loops 4mm×287mm Q6221 View
    7 Cutting tumour loops 4mm×282mm Q6213 View
    8 Fistula instrument 18Fr Q4518 View
    9 Outer sheath 27Fr×180mm Q4027A View
    10 Obturator for outer sheath Movable Q4077A View
    11 Inner sheath & obturator 25Fr×195mm Q4025A View
    12 In-flow valve - T7202A View
    13 HF cord 3m U8412B View
    14 Suction device Hoffman U8307 View
    15 Cleaning rod 3mm×340mm U8601C View
    16 Light cable 4mm×2m U8724 View
    17 Light cable 4mm × 3m U8724C View