• Name:High intensity cold light source

    Specification: 350W
    Model: GL350-5
    Unit: Set
    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: Shen Da
    Product description

      GL350-5 Medical cold light source is a illumination equipment for endoscopy including for endoscopic observation. operation & photography,cinematography & television due to illumination with adjustable light intensity.
    ◆Adopt 350W xenon lamp
    ◆Voltage 220V
    ◆Colour temperature:5500k
    ◆Power consumption<500W

    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 High intensity cold light source(Single lamp) 350W U9111 View