• Name:Colour mini camera(3CCD)

    Specification: 3CCD
    Model: SD-628
    Unit: Set
    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: Shen Da
    Product description


    ◆Camera head:3x1/3" 1 chip  waterproof camera head                

    ◆Outputs: DVI/RGB                            ◆SNR: 60dB

    ◆Scanning standard: 800 lines      ◆Shutter: automatic

    ◆Resolution Rate:1280 x 1024       ◆Signal gain: automatic

    ◆Minimal illumination: 3LUX         



    ◆Completely medical degree design,soaked to sterilize,waterproof grade reached IPX8

    ◆Automatic exposure control,automatic identification of light intensity,automatic adjustment of the image brightness

    ◆Double white balance function,automatic memory of white balance

        Image brightness can be adjustment in four grade,programmable button on the handle of camera head,

        convenient for doctor to adjust at any time

    ◆Optimization function for fiber endoscope,removes Morie fringe when connected with endoscope,make more clear image

    ◆Outputs signal outputs : RGB/DVI x 1BNC /S-video

    ◆Sharpness can adjustable in three grade,to choose the best suitable image

    ◆Windows can be adjustable in three grade,suitable for different endoscopes

    ◆With function of choosing light source,suitable for LED,xenon lamp and different kinds of cold light source

    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 Colour mini camera 3CCD U9227 View