• Name:Transcutaneous nephroscope JS-1W(19Fr)

    Manufacturer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Dealer: Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Shenyang
    Trademark: ShenDa
    Product description
    No. Name Specification Code Picture
    1 Endoscope 19Fr× 230mm JY1312W View
    2 Outer sheath(match with JY1312W) 24Fr× 150mm S4024T View
    3 Sheath&obturator 21Fr× 200mm S4021T View
    4 Puncture cannula 6Fr× 206mm S4506 View
    5 Dilating cannula 11Fr× 135mm S5611 View
    6 Dilator(match with S4024T) 9-24Fr S5621C View
    7 Rigid dilating guide rod 9Fr× 580mm S5639 View
    8 Flexible dilating guide rod 9Fr× 580mm S5649 View
    9 Groove cannula (match with S4024T) 24Fr× 140mm S4424T View
    10 Suction tube 10.5Fr× 350mm S4410 View
    11 Saw-tooth grasping forceps 9Fr× 370mm S5041 View
    12 Stone forceps 9Fr× 365mm S5042 View
    13 Alligator mouth grasping forceps 9Fr× 360mm S5043 View
    14 Biopsy grasping forceps 9Fr× 360mm S5044 View
    15 Peanut forceps 9Fr× 360mm S5045 View
    16 Cleaning rod ф3× 340mm U8601C View
    17 Sealed cap - T7303 View
    18 In-flow valve - T7201 View
    19 Out-flow valve - T7211 View
    20 Light cable ф4mm× 2m U8724 View
    21 Light cable ф4mm× 3m U8724C View
    22 Outer sheath(match with JY1312W) 22Fr× 150mm S4022T1 View
    23 Groove cannula 22Fr× 140mm S4422T View
    24 Dilator 9-22Fr S5621D View