GST-1 Hysteroscope


● Uterine fibroids
Suitable for type 0, 1, and II submucosal fibroids and intramural fibroids;
The fibroids were decomposed with scissors and grasped with grasping forceps, the entire tumor socket was very complete, and the fibroids were completely removed;
Thermal damage to the muscle wall caused by high-frequency current is avoided.
● Uterine polyps
Use scissors or grasping forceps to remove polyps at a fixed point to maximize the preservation of the intima, especially for multiple polyps.
The roots of the polyp can be grasped with forceps or cauterized with electric hooks. Avoid extensive destruction of the intima.
For polyps in the corner of the uterus, its safety has been greatly demonstrated.
● Intrauterine adhesions
Central adhesions can be loosened by inserting microscopic straight scissors into the adhesion tissue.
The limited intimal tissue is preserved as much as possible.
Greatly reduces the possibility of re-adhesion after surgery.
Because the tissue structure of cold cutting is very clear, doctors can identify the tissue very well, and the safety is greatly improved.
● Uterine septum
Using left-curved double-opening scissors, high efficiency and short operation time;
Because no electric current is used; there will be no severe postoperative uterine scarring and intrauterine adhesions, which improves the treatment effect;
The operation with blunt scissors is very safe for the treatment of the fundus position.
And to avoid the thinning of the fundus after resection.
● Foreign body removal
Due to the large opening and sufficient strength of the grasping forceps, it is very convenient to guide the removal of foreign bodies;
For foreign bodies such as incarcerated contraceptive rings, scissors and grasping forceps can be used to complete the operation conveniently and quickly.

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