QB-1 Perfusion Pump for Endoscope

QB-1 Perfusion Pump for Endoscope

  • The cavity speculum filling pupm QB-1 is an open pressure equipment.lt is easy and convenient to clean the liquid in the operation.
  • It takes stepping electrical motor.When the equipment drives.lt is steady and makes low noise.
  • Pressure and flow is controlied by computer automatically,when the power is over,the computer will cut off electric source automatically,and when the power recovers,the equipment will be in normal situation. Meanwhile,control equipment is safe and reliable.
  • The range of pressure is 2-53Kpa,the range of flow is 0.1-1L/min.The number is showed on the equipment,and it can adjust the number according to the need.
  • Cavity speculum filling pump QB-1 has the ability of memory.When you open the equipment,it can show the power and flow stated last time.
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