U9421 Peritoneum Cleaner QXQ-1000J

U9421 Peritoneum Cleaner QXQ-1000J


Peritoneum Cleaner QXQ-1000J is used for irrigations and suctions of organs in cavity under the laparoscopic surgery in order to make the field of view clear and clean the feculence prevent from pollution and adhesion after the operation

  • The peritoneum cleaner is controlled by computer,adjusted the positive
  • spressure and negative pressure according to the user's demands and shows the value on the screen.
  • lt can positive pressure irrigate and negative pressure suck,it can be matched sinale tube with double channels suction unit(D4403.D4403A)for irrigation and suction and exchange frequently.
  • Washing pressure:75±5KPa   Suction pressure:-65±5KPa
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