YG-250 Medical Cold Light Source

YG-250 Medical Cold Light Source

  • The light source adopts double-lamp,double output structure.The spare light can be used when the main light does not work,guarantee the inspection and operation going successfully.
  • Adopt the double-halogen lamps as the light,which has the characteristics of high power efficiency,good energy-saving effect,stable output electricand these prolong the life of light source.
  • Adopt the PWM electrical source to provide electric,which has the characteristics of power efficiency,good energy saving effect,stable output electric,and this prolongs the life of light source.
  • The brightness is adjustable,the transform of two lamps and strength of the output light can be controlled by the switch in front panel,simple and convenient to use.
  • Illumination≥1800000LX 
  • Colour temperature:3200K
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